Get Your Own Kyle
Get Your Own Kyle
(and maybe Bean)


What next?

Once again, life in front of me is a giant blank canvas, and I have blank canvas syndrome, paralyzed with which direction to head. I could use some help designing the next chapter of my life...

Which could mean a lot more hanging out together and co-creating something incredible, and incredibly needed.

Details below!

When I launched this the first time last year, I had no idea what to expect.

As a result, I ended up:

  • living in Scotland with artists and architects, to help de-spaghetti, organize, and help tell the story of an unbelievable expedition into some of the most mythical and biodiverse caves on Earth in the Amazon, in an effort to help secure a bid to protect them as a Unesco World Heritage site

  • developing a rapid prototyping framework, which lead to hacking together a software-based project in Spain to beam a time capsule of humanity toward Alpha Centauri in an effort to plant the seeds for humanity 500 years into the future

  • remotely de-spaghetti’ing and helping organize a global summit of some of almost 200 Sandboxers representing 40 hubs, who are some of the world’s truly most incredible young change-makers, weirdos, and my chosen family, beneath a 1600 year old Baobab tree in Kilifi, Kenya

  • remotely developing and facilitating an 8-week Mastermind accountability and productivity course for extreme personal and professional growth and achievement with a group of top notch storytellers, actors, and musicians out of Los Angeles

  • and remotely helping C-executives shape the story of a European company’s mission to deepen empathy using virtual environments

Now I’m curious what you have going on and how can I help?

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The Goal

I'm looking for a place to call homebase, anywhere in the world, for the next 3-36 months or perhaps more.

To do that, there are 3 areas I'm looking to solve for:







What community means to me

I believe community is just the by-product of creating stories and overcoming challenges together with people you want to see flourish. It's an interweaving tapestry that holds each other up in times of need, and makes life fuller when experiences are shared and mirrored.

As I've spent the last 4 years on the open road, here and abroad, I've learned books full, including that there is a fine line between alone & lonely. While the lone wolf life of exploration and creation has been incredibly fulfilling and full of growth,  I've felt a need opening up to be more actively involved with participating in and helping strengthen bonds of a select group of humans. 

I've been very fortunate to be part of multiple communities and families that span the globe, where different themes bring us together, and I'll continue to criss-cross within these communities to share what I can as time goes on.

However I'm ready to experience regular interactions, going much deeper with fewer. Friends to just casually hang with on an evening and share stories or explore ideas with, vs time being so fleeting and structured.

And I want to bring some of my own initiatives into the community of how to create stronger bonds, something I enjoyed doing and did effectively during my life in Seattle.






Almost the last decade has been spent entirely on bringing my own ideas to life. Through that, have built multiple companies, teams, culture, processes, and about a dozen products and experiences from inception, through development, and launching into the world.

The hard and soft skills accumulated along the way have become expansive, but has also made it more challenging to sum up "what I do" in a paragraph. This is why I love working backwards from challenges, as it brings forward what I have to offer, and provides the space to solve them effectively. 

In this next chapter, I'm looking to apply  these capabilities towards something that someone else is working on, that I can get excited to jump out of bed for, has a budget, and values quality work. :)

The areas I typically get a buzz from and excel at are around:



Helping zero-in on the essence of what needs to be communicated and how, what fundamental human needs are being met by doing so, and driving toward what action needs to be taken.

Crafting narrative shapes the essence of brand, connects products to consumers, changes how people see the world and themselves in it, unites teams toward common vision, galvanizes community, brings in capital and support from investors, and so much more. Story is how we learn, grow, communicate, and navigate this human experience.

During my nomadic journey, I've become a social anthropologist of sorts, going deep into contrasting community bubbles all over the world, hearing stories and learning how perspectives and needs came to be. 

This year I have finished writing one book, two children’s fully illustrated short stories, and am currently in development of two more children’s books, with one to be adapted to a screenplay.

Focusing my creativity back towards children has also rekindled my fire for illustration and character development, establishing deep emotional connection and becoming a gateway for larger ideas.




We fail in our varying types of relationships, in our personal projects, and in our professional projects, largely because of the spaghetti monsters. We think we're adding value by adding context that sounds smart, but we're really just filling up the space with more to pick through and figure around what's the most relevant point, the explicit need, and what's the next series of steps forward?

If there's one thing I'm great at, it's being the dumbest person in the room; or rather, putting on the dumbest ears and seeing from the widest eyes, sifting and searching to get to these juicy nuggets. I do it through insatiable curiosity and needing to simply understand versus trying to prove I already know the answer. When the right questions are asked, and the simplest points are clarified, alignment and action is optimized. When a situation is effectively de-spaghetti'd, it creates the best conditions for achieving success.

I do this with a few key tools, effective processes, and lots of questions and listening.


Building & Launching


Whether being a taskmaster and helping teams hit all the goals and timelines from inception to launch, or iterating to the following milestones, I love building and pushing products and initiatives into the world.

Often times that requires me to roll up my sleeves and get deep into the trenches as a maker, particularly as an multi-disciplined artist, storyteller, designer, experience designer, or creative lead. In all, I've managed to cobble together an entire Swiss Army Knife full of capabilities to build beautiful products, strong teams, and flourishing communities. Making noise and getting attention is one of my favorite sports, especially when connected to a project and mission.

Did I mention we have fun doing it?!


Is there something you're working on that you're excited about, or know of anything happening that may be a good fit?


Really nice things

from the mouths of some who I've worked with and know me well



How to describe Kyle Kesterson?  That’s a challenge.  A futurist. Idea factory. Disciplined team leader. Cocktail conversationalist. And Yoda.  Kyle brings an artist’s eye and a technologist’s vision to any project.

Working with him on a key marketing initiative for Winnebago was frictionless, fun, inspiring and hugely successful for the company.

Don Cohen, Managing Editor of Winnebago


Kyle Kesterson is one of the most creative, hardest working, inspired professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

His ability to add insight and value across functions, including content, product, marketing, and strategy make him a rare and valuable talent.

Plus, he is a helluva nice human being!

Gregg Spiridelis, CEO of JibJab


There are creators and then there's Kyle. A rare breed, he is not only remarkably wise beyond his years, but also a true creative polymath. With his childlike humility and curiosity as his guide, he's able to envision many possibilities around a single idea. Consider yourself lucky if you're able to have his passion, talent, and insightful brain churning away on your project.

Get him while you can.

Rusty Blazenhoff, Director of Digital Media for Pee-wee Herman's HermanWorld Productions


Always inspired by his creativity and leadership, I’ve seen year and year that Kyle is clearly an expert from concept, to execution, to delivery, never afraid of getting his hands dirty. In fact, I think he enjoys it. Driven by passion, curiosity, and exploration, Kyle doesn’t go for the low hanging fruit, but climbs to the top of the tree. Kyle is a visionary and futurist, living in the present. His passion to serve others and unlock their potential is unique. Where I’ve seen Kyle operate best is when things aren’t working and need shaking up. He has an incredible ability to embrace discomfort, reflect, and make the right changes.

Mike Folden, Director & Filmmaker


Kyle is one of the most inspiring humans I know. He tackles, embraces, and celebrates issues that cause us all to falter, question, and engage in. But more than that, he is someone that stands for something I admire, respect and live for. He is a voice.

Watch the movie Whiplash. The moment the main character says “I will queue you” is the moment Kyle Kesterson steps forward. The genius he holds, captures the rhythm that defines us all. He is our compass. Every journey requires a drummer, and Kyle will step forward to be that beat to humanity. I love that.

Richard Tait, Chief BoomBoom at Starbucks HQ. Former Founder & Inventor of Cranium and Golazo


Kyle is the most organized, detail oriented, laser-vision-on-huge-scale-projects person I have ever met. Working together, he not only improves every project he collaborates on, but I learn so much from his approach and work ways about detangling and seeing creative solutions in any assignment.

I enjoy every chance I get to work with him on personal and professional projects, because he provides invaluable assets of prioritizing, organization and driving the tasks: he really makes the projects grow into bigger visions, while creating a masterful steady push and pace to make them into the reality.

I’d clone him in a second if it was moral and legal!

Lina Pliyoplyte, Director & Filmmaker


If Kyle was only the most creative person I've ever met, that would be enough.

However, he backs his creativity with an insatiable work ethic on top of project management & leadership skills that make working alongside him some of the most fun & learning I've ever experienced.

Heath Padgett, Founder/CEO of The RV Entrepreneur


Kyle has a rare talent for building products and experiences that tell stories which permeate your soul.

His gift is not just that he's an incredible storyteller, but that he knows how to build products and experiences that help others tell their stories.

Zach Ware, formerly my investor from Vegas Tech Capital


Kyle is a genius clarifier and igniter. He has the ability of taking opportunities with complex interactions between actors and stakeholders and turn it into effective action and crystal clear process, leading straight to the intended goal. 
Having him in a team is truly a pleasure, often over-delivering and surprising by his talent and human quality. He puts everyone to work, and shows quality by example! A great leader.

          Charles Michel, Founder of Domus.Earth


Perhaps the greatest lasting change and impact is accelerated through powerful storytelling. For nearly a decade, I've watched Kyle breathe life into ideas and amplify incredible work.

He brings perspective, empathy, and insight into every project he's been a part of.

Marc Nager, Managing Director at Telluride Venture Accelerator


Kyle Kesterson is an artist, a traveler, a creator and most importantly a deeply aware and connected human being. He sees the world for its wonder and lives through it not by the lenses of his phone  but with his feet solidly walking on sacred grounds and his eyes seeing what most of us always seem to miss. Kyle has a perspective that is different, he is thought invoking and makes you think and act differently.

Adam Benzion, Founder & CEO of Hackster


Ever since I met Kyle Kesterson back in 2006, I have been impressed by his ability to not just dream big things into reality, but also his ability to get so many people behind him to help bring it to life. He is thoughtful, deeply creative, and is wired to deliver results. On top of being an overachiever, he's also an incredibly inspirational and kind person, making him one of my top favorite people on the planet.

Steffanie Lorig, Artist & Founder of Art with Heart




While this is the least important element of the 3, I am looking for an environment that stirs my creative energy, while providing the stillness and focus to dig in and execute on the projects and provides for awesome time spent with community.

It truly can be anywhere in the world, but I know will require certain needs or sacrifices. 

To help navigate this, I may need someone to help me find my way to answers around some of the logistics.